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        Welcome to Sijingke!!!

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        1. Thin film nameplate
        2. Plastic nameplate
        3. Acrylic/metal nameplate
        4. New product

        onFour Jing Ke

        Quality First, Customer First, Honesty, Solidarity and Friendship

          company was founded in March 1998, company is located in Guanyin Town, Shenzhen City, Guangdong Province, Futian Tianbei Fine Arts Industrial Zone, located in Pearl River Delta, and convenient transportation. company has a strong faculty, has a group of more than 10 years of research and development team engaged in industry, has advanced production equipment and a comfortable working environment, to provide a strong backing for every outstanding product.

        We are a professional manufacturer of Membrane switch and nameplate. Our main products are Membrane switch (with FPC type Membrane switch, with Membrane switch, PCB type Membrane switch, pure Membrane switch). Nameplates (film panels, metal panels, cell phone panels), cell phone lenses and touch screens. products provided are widely used in fields of Appliances, electronics, toys, and instrument lamps. company has established friendly cooperative partners at home and abroad and established a large customer base in Pearl River Delta. products are exported to Europe, United States, Japan, South Korea, Iran and other countries.

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        Shenzhen Four Jing Ke Electronics Co., Ltd.